POS System

Help to expand business for all types of restaurants

Yammii POS Yammii Station

Overall View of Table/Order Status with A Glance

● Colored Table/Order Status
● Detailed Inforamtion like server, dinning time, reservation on table, table capacity, number of customers, order price
● Display by table mode or order mode
● Easy to search Table/Order with filters

Payment Methods

● Pay online
- Credit Card- Apple Pay- Google Pay
● Pay on counter & on table
- Credit Card - Apple Pay- Google Pay- Cash

Offline Mode

● Keep running business when internet connection is not available
● Accept credit payments locally
● Upload local orders & transactions to cloud once internet restores

Split & Combine Orders

● Split by items
● Split by amounts
● Equally split by number of customers
● Combine two or more orders

Save labor and time with mobile integration

Customers can place dine-in/take-out order, join waitlist, make payment, view restaurant information, check order status, call for help all by mobile phone

Saving Time
Saving Labor
Saving Cost

Scalable iPad Terminals

● Easy to add additional terminals at any time once needed
● Instant information synchronizing between terminals and cloud

Security & Authority

● For security purpose, authorty is required for important actions
● Different roles have different authorities

Call For help

● Customer can request for help with information of specific needs from mobile phone
● History of calls can help to improve the service and evaluate servers

Server Table Assignment

● The owner of the dine-in mobile order will automatically be the server of the table
● Server who place the order will be the owner of the table

Refund & Void

● Authority & reason are required for item/order refund & void
● The records of reasons help to improve the service and item quality

Server Daily Sales Report

● You can evalute performance and loading of each server with    the following informatin in report
● Amount of sales and number
● Number of orders
● Number of each items

Open Item & Open Order

● Save unfinished order when customers need more time
● Continue the saved order when customers are ready
● Create a tempery item(which is not available in menu) for some specific cases


Split print
Clock In/Out




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