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Manage Your Business Any Time, Any Where

Multiple Menus

Multiple menus like breakfast menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, happy hour menu etc. can be defined Different menus can be configured for different business hours and different days in a week

Work Hours & Holidays

. Support Multiple business session in a day . Support calendar day & customized business day . Support holidays & customized business off days for online ordering

Manage All Your Restaruants With One Account

You can manage all your restaurants(like chain) in one account You can create seperate accounts for business partners or managers, allowing them to manage daily business with different authorities

Stastical Business Report

Stastical table and graphical reports for all aspects of restaurant business

hourly, daily, weekly, monthly sales

Sales of each items, modifiers grouped in quantity and amount

Working hours, sales, tips of each server

Detailed information including payment methods for all transactions

Detailed information for Void & Refund orders and items

Orders, reservation, waitlist report with information of peak hours, peak days peak weeks and peak months

Proper style of charts like line, pie, histogram and bar etc. used for different reports


Staff Management
Menu Management
Business Hours Management
Royalty Management
Table Management
Ticket Managment
QR Code Management
iPad Management



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